At Elshaddai Farms we rear different kinds of poultry birds and these include layers, broilers, fancy birds, guinea fowl, american duck and geese.


In this section, we rear both exotic breeds and indigenous breeds of dairy cattle for milk production. We have carefully selected Bokolooji breed having traits of dairy production, we also have crossbred 50% Friesian and 50% Bokolooji as well as 50% Friesian and 50% White Fulani…


At El-Shaddai farms’ Fisheries unit, we produce viable and quality fish seeds such as catfish fingerlings and juveniles. We also grow fresh catfishes of high quality…

Market Garden

We have variety of crops, vegetables and herbs. We have crops like maize, cassava, carrot, cucumber, sweet corn, vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage etc..

Sweet corn @ Elshaddai farms