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El-Shaddai Farms services


In this section, we rear both exotic breeds and indigenous breeds of dairy cattle for milk production. We have carefully selected Bokolooji breeds having traits of dairy production. We also have crossbreeds of 50% Friesian and 50% Bokolooji as well as 50% Friesian and 50% White Fulani.

There is a high demand for milk in Nigeria but this demand is yet to be met. This informed the decision of El-Shaddai farms going into dairy farming in order to meet the nation’s demand for fresh milk and other dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese etc. This section is also involved in Pasture Management where grasses are planted to make silage/hay to feed the animals, and to sell pasture seeds or grasses for other dairy farms.

Additionally, we have an effective waste management system on our dairy farm. The cattle dungs are gathered together, dried and packaged as organic manure/fertilizer for crop production. We also offer training in dairy production  to interested members of the public.